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Fantastic Fictions

Start Time:
21st Jan 15:00
Rich Mix
101 min
New Shorts

Genre cinema is far more than the tired, restrictive conventions of mainstream horror and science fiction. In Fantastic Fictions, we present to you an eclectic feast of this year's finest, hard-to-pigeonhole, genre shorts.

Prepare to bear witness to a macabre necrophiliac rom-com, a pulpy ultraviolent Moroccan gangster epic, a sombre dystopian mockumentary speculating what if lockdown never ended, a surreal journey through the depths of a young athlete's subconscious, an absurd love story in a world where squirty dim sum is the supreme currency, and of course, a family drama about a home infestation of mysterious tropical frogs.

Featuring the latest short from commercials and music video director, Ian Pons Jewell.