Red Balloon 1955 6 feat

The Red Balloon + Children's Shorts

Start Time:
27th Jan 15:30
60 min
Special Events Orbital

Please find the separate listing for the workshop element here. 

Following the workshop (spaces limited) we invite everyone to a screening of Albert Lamorisse’s heartwarming children’s short film The Red Balloon (1956) alongside short films curated by LSFF. 

Rarely has the spirit of childhood been evoked as exquisitely as in this Academy Award–winning cinematic fable, a fantasy with the texture of reality. On the streets of 1950s Paris, a young boy (played by director Albert Lamorisse’s son, Pascal) is launched on a miraculous adventure when he’s playfully pursued by a shiny red balloon that seems to have a mind of its own—until the harsh realities of the world interfere, setting the stage for a deeply moving finale. 

Shot in beautifully muted Technicolor, this beguiling allegory of innocence and transcendence has inspired generations of viewers to let their imaginations take flight.

Followed by a selection of short films also unlocking the magic of environments, curated by LSFF.