A kind of Testament still 01

Very Online

Start Time:
23rd Jan 18:20
Curzon Soho
93 min
New Shorts

Our everyday lives are inextricably linked with the online one we carry around in our pocket. The distinction between the two becomes ever blurrier, the reassuring algorithmic order of our feeds at odds with chaotic and random reality. With a click or a tap we enter the wormhole, the doomscroll - but what we find there might follow us here. It’s too late to #touchgrass, because the grass has turned to pixels. 

This programme traverses the www across multiple platforms, from OnlyFans to GTA to the murky marketplace of identity theft. Includes new work from guerilla artist collective Total Refusal (Hardly Working), documenting artists’ intervention in, and appropriation of, video game engines and worlds.

Content warning: sex, nudity, violence, guns/shooting

Followed by Q&A with attending filmmakers.