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The Space Belongs To Them

Start Time:
20th Jan 17:30
Rich Mix
74 min
Special Events Captioned

Everything is cyclical. What does it mean for films to be in conversation with each other, through different periods of time? If films could speak and interact, what would they say to each other? What would they say to you?

This programme journeys through the experiences that mould us in tandem with each other and impact the messages we receive through films.

Tying the films together is the theme of community archives (past/present/future) exploring connections within social groups and the bridges of similarity that exist through spaces, places and the people we surround ourselves with.

From how you wear your hair and the after school clubs you joined as a child, to how spirits dance through you and the families we speak with. The list of experiences you have that bond you with others are plentiful. We go on. We go forth. We go round.

Join us afterwards for a poetry reading by the director of Sabr - Raheela Suleman.

Programme curated by Makella Ama and Sena Gikunoo.