Rhythms of Revolution: The Sara Gómez Shorts

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20th Jan 15:00
TBC min
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A rarely-seen series of shorts (some screening for the first time in London) directed by Sara Gómez between the early 1960s and 1970s, this programme offers a study of rhythms during the critical stage of the revolutionary process. From the production pace in factories and the sound of machinery to Afro-Cuban music, these films emphasise the socio-political dimensions of sounds rejecting a unified representation of Cuba. Gómez’s documentary filmmaking captures chains of production layering the rhythms of movements with the contrasting beat of musical instruments.

Y tenemos sabor (1967) featuring Alberto Zayas, a notorious Cuban rumba singer, is an ode to Afro-Cuban music, documenting instruments, Cuban jazz, rumba, and dance. Through the lens of Gómez, committed to featuring multiple voices from society, these shorts document the dissonance and harmony of Cuba's cultural tension in the 1960s and post-revolution.

Curated by Emma Bouraba and Maria Paradinas of Brixton Community Cinema in collaboration with Susan Lord and Eirene Houston. Susan Lord is a Professor of Film at Queens University in Ontario Canada and co-editor with Maria Caridad Cumana of The Cinema of Sara Gómez: Reframing Revolution, a collection of essays, interviews and documents. Eirene Houston is a filmmaker and director and curator of Havana Glasgow Film Festival.

With introduction and panel discussion with Emma Bouraba, Maria Paradinas, Susan Lord, Eirene Houston and guests.