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T A P E Collective: Around The World I See Myself

Start Time:
28th Jan 14:00
69 min
Special Events Orbital

Reflections are not just to be found in the mirror - they’re all around us. T A P E Collective presents a programme of shorts that explore ways of seeing ourselves through film. Across animation, film reels, and footage from around the world, the stories of family and growing up we see are not dissimilar from our own - in fact, we’re more alike than we realise.

Breaking down language barriers and physical borders, we see stories from around the world reflecting experiences of coming-of-age, and all the anxieties and joys that come with it. The future, our bodies, our crushes, our friendships - you’re not alone in these worries, and these filmmakers and characters prove it in unique and unexpected ways.

The screening will be followed by a creative workshop, allowing us to collectively and individually respond to the films and our own thoughts and feelings.