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straight 8: best of 2023

Start Time:
21st Jan 15:30
Rio Cinema
75 min
Special Events

See the best 25 super 8 shorts made for Straight 8’s 2023 competition. Each film is made on just one cartridge of super 8, without any editing or post-production, with no restriction on content or genre and sound created blindly, only added by the competition once the film is developed.

Straight 8 is the Super 8 in-camera filmmaking competition. Since 1999, the annual premieres have excited audiences worldwide, in part because the filmmakers also sit in the auditorium, watching their work for the first time. 

Despite the challenge of editing in-camera without re-takes, the quality and variation within the films is always exceptional - filmmaking in its purest and most surprising form!

Find a new favourite or get inspired to make your own straight8 creation this year.