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Sine Screen presents: Dreaming In Mother Tongue

Start Time:
24th Jan 20:30
Rich Mix
105 min
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“The rhythm of my body is the same as my mother tongue.”

This collection features five short films by female contemporary Chinese ethnic minority directors, highlighting distinctive filmmaking voices from the periphery.

From a young man navigating his Chinese and Mongolian identities, intimate exploration of motherhood, to a surrealist fever dream in the Tibetan plateau. The films offer a snapshot into the vibrant landscape of regional filmmaking emerging in China.

How we per­ceive our memories are traced back to the gram­mar of our moth­er tongues. Polyphonic in texture, in the films we hear the characters speaking, singing, daydreaming in Tibetan and Mongolian. The tension between regional languages and Mandarin draws out the intricacies of identity and everyday realities of ethnic minorIty communities.

The screening will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with filmmakers.

Programme curated by Sine Screen.