Room For One More still 03

Romantic Matinee

Start Time:
20th Jan 15:00
Curzon Soho
89 min
New Shorts

Is there a theme more eternal than love? We fall for each other, our hearts flutter. We taste jealousy, cry over breakups, and yet we are rejuvenated by another encounter. Life feels like its fullest when yearning is balanced with regrets, peppered with quarrels, brimming with endless possibilities that need not to be realised. Love is most beautiful at its imperfection.

That letdown when you thought you were their first. That moment strikes when you decide to call your estranged best mate and reconciliate. That excitement of speed-driving, at dawn, on uncannily empty streets of post-war Kyiv, to get to someone. The beaming self-love of an aging middle-age woman; an enchanted musical of a happily married, a childless couple running a mobile marry-go-round; an enigmatic AI love story, a brief one-night stand that turns emotional. To love and its entangled fuzz! Nicky Ni