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Present Artefacts

Start Time:
22nd Jan 18:20
Curzon Soho
91 min
New Shorts

History is often seen as an indisputable narrative of the past. This programme reminds us that every narrative has a narrator. Who are the ghosts that haunt us, waiting for us to find them, to tell their story? From mockumentary to historic fiction to nostalgic fantasy, these films take us back – and reframe.

A reclusive woman in Brooklyn reveals the truth behind electronic music - it was started by Black musicians in the 1920s South. A young woman becomes obsessed with some old photographs of female Arab crossdressers, a filmmaker reconstructs memories with a monk’s long forgotten photographs in a timeless Mount Athos. 

A found footage film collage collects perceptions of death and hell in religious filter bubbles, a Byzantine farmer accused of heresy is locked in a pillory and forgotten as war rages in the unseen background, and a travelling court jester’s joke spirals into horror in 16th century England. Gamze Sanli