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LCC presents: What Hides In Your Mind

Start Time:
26th Jan 18:00
48 min
Special Events Orbital

Prepare to embark on a chilling journey through the history of digital folklore from the beginning of the millennium to the present era of internet horror. Join us if you dare to explore the eerie abyss of cyberspace, where only the most cryptic and uncommercialised content has remained concealed, until now. Behind the façade of cute cat videos and hilarious pranks lies a collection of mysterious videos only seen by those with a thirst for the macabre.

Dive into the most spine-chilling corners of the internet, where psychological terror takes root and fear thrives. These are the digital catacombs where only the truly disturbed find pleasure, away from conventional eyes. As we traverse the uncharted waters of this visual realm, anxiety will consume you as bear witness to sinister tales and eerie spectacles.

This programme contains distressing content, references to self-harm and suicide, gore, loud noises, flashing images, violence.