Milkand Glass

LSFF x Four Chambers and Zodiac Film Club: The Address of the Eye

Start Time:
19th Jan 20:00
180 min
Special Events

“Cinema is a sensuous object, but in our presence it becomes also a sensing, sensual, sense-making subject” - Vivian Sobchack, The Address of the Eye synopsis

Four Chambers, Zodiac Film Club and LSFF welcome you into the ICA theatre on opening night for a multi-screen, multi-format screening of films that mirror and speak to each other, entwined around themes of sex, domesticity, looking, and the materiality of cinema. A multitude of references, clips, pornographic and provocative images layer on top of one another, inviting us to consider our individual and communal responses to the cavalcade of visual stimuli we consume every day.

Pairs of shorts in dialogue screen alongside 16mm projections onto gauze courtesy of David Leister's Kino Club and a trio of DJ sets from Amy Krawczyk (4AD), Eve King (EHFM, Casual Worker) and LSFF. 

Content warning: nudity, pornography, violence, gore, flashing lights 

Still image credit: Milk and Glass, dir. Sarah Pucill, 1993