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Documentary: Time will say nothing but I told you so

Start Time:
20th Jan 20:30
83 min
New Shorts Documentary

In our powerlessness against the passing of time, how do we bridge the gaps between then and now? How do we give our memories - those nebulous abstractions in consciousness - tangibility? “Time is a measure of an idea, it does not exist.” If so, then all that remains are our memories, as elusive as they may be.

Join us in acts of remembrance and intimate reckonings with the past. A Berber woman recounts trials and tribulations while regaining power through visual diaries. Puerto Rican elders reflect on rural living in days past through a dreamlike kaleidoscope of flashing imagery. In Kyiv, we play witness to displacement in the way of boxed up household items. In the sunbaked stillness of the Cyprus heat, a mother basks in quiet satisfaction from a life well lived. 

Painful family histories are shared between mother and daughter in Germany. And through an exploration of Nigerian burial traditions we ask, what may become of us when we are memory itself? Akinna Aquino

Content warnings: flashing imagery, sexual assault and rape, domestic violence, death