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Documentary: The house shelters daydreaming

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21st Jan 13:00
69 min
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“The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer...” In ‘The Poetics of Space’, Bachelard talks about how we experience space both in its reality and virtuality, through thoughts and dreams. There are many ways we can define a space: its location, its contents, its purpose. We might define a space through our relationship with it; our subjective experience of 'space' and 'self' interwoven.

In California, a woman views a property evoking memories of past houses. In Russia, we ponder how material things can house the immaterial elements of domestic life. In China, we consider a room as both sanctuary and emotional complex. In Turkey, we look to a specific type of room to inspire a child-like concentration of curiosity. In an Italian slaughterhouse, we learn the eerie brutality that is held even in emptiness. Akinna Aquino