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Documentary: Only Connect

Start Time:
27th Jan 14:00
90 min
New Shorts Documentary

At the core of all human life is the need for connection; a longing for togetherness and belonging. Our perpetual quest and question is how? How do we evade loneliness? How do we find meaning through relational contexts?

This programme explores humans’ collective yearning for interdependence. A ceramicist reaches out to those that came before us, connecting through small acts of resistance against sexual repression. Archival video footage strings together fractured remnants of a shared heritage; of community, self preservation and displacement. A family’s bond strengthens and grows through the duty to find ways of communicating and relating. Through shared faith and the divine presence of a symbolic mother, a collective peace comes to local devotees in a small Irish village. In deep self reflection, a woman reckons with the guilt of leaving loved ones having fled Buenos Aires. And a man’s persevering efforts to connect goes beyond the conventional. Akinna Aquino

Content warnings: ​​sex / masturbation, child abuse