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Documentary: Image//Making

Start Time:
27th Jan 16:30
74 min
New Shorts Documentary

What makes an image? Sifting up close through reels and photographs, some of us become masters of forensics, reconstructing a moment or a person no longer with us. Other times we step back - outside of oneself, outside of the place or time we inhabit - in order to watch a bigger picture form.

Whatever the image may be, these seven filmmakers will pull it apart and piece it together again. They reflect on reputation - the story behind a beloved neighbourhood institution, or the enigmatic smile of a pornstar. They dissect identity, exploring the boundaries of sound and culture in their hometowns, or their bodily insecurity when faced with nude art. 

All of them play with notions of truth, and ask us where image ends and reality begins. Sylvie Dumont 

This programme contains sequences of extreme strobing effects which could trigger audience members who have photo-sensitive epilepsy or other photo-sensitivities.