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Dammi: Yann Mounir Demange In Conversation

Start Time:
25th Jan 19:15
Rio Cinema
70 min
Special Events

Filmmaker Yann Demange ('71, Top Boy, Blade) joins us at London Short Film Festival in conversation and to screen his new short film, Dammi.

DAMMI (Yann Demange, France, 2023) Returning to Paris, his birthplace, a man (Riz Ahmed) moves through memories of his past and surreal fragments of the present, searching for connection with his estranged father (Yousfi Henine). On his journey, he meets a French Algerian woman (Souheila Yacoub) who welcomes him into her world. As their intimacy grows, he is confronted with his shame and fears while exploring his lost Arab identity… Behind Paris is Algiers.

Yann Mounir Demange will be in conversation with film journalist Ian Haydn Smith.