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21st Jan 17:30
104 min
New Shorts

“If I have a dog, my dog has a human.”

― Donna Haraway

Non-human and human creatures alike feature in this selection of new documentary, animation and drama. Scottish rivers, the French alps, wild Icelandic coasts and the Toronto suburbs contain these living, evolving images that observe and consider our fellow beings. How to make a film about an animal that removes the human eye and instead captures the perspective of the subject? 

How to satisfy the craving to return to a primitive, wild existence when late Capitalism renders city life unattainable? A cast of pigeons, sheep, snails, puffins, beetles and plants make up the ensemble. A call to the wild, and to live in harmony with our mammalian, avian and amphibian neighbours. 

Includes new work from Esther May Campbell (Light Years), and LSFF alumni Jessica Bishopp and Solmund MacPherson.