The medallion 1920x1080 2

Ancestral Remembrance

Start Time:
27th Jan 15:30
Garden Cinema
102 min
New Shorts

Take a deep dive into hard-to-confront histories, myths, traumas, and beliefs - but not without a dash of lightheartedness. Spanning from documentary to fiction, this programme brings together international perspectives that each sculpt a case of hauntology. Ghosts from the past invited; the dusty forgotten reactivated. Let us now open the floodgate of memories.

An essayistic documentary of the five-star National Hotel of Cuba; a portrait of the filmmaker’s mother that bursts open a visceral account of surviving the Ethiopian Red Terror; a whimsical, 16mm filmic composition that spans a family history riddled with mystics, political activism, and unsolved mysteries; a budded high-school romance that turns sour by the nuanced racial divide in the post-New Order Jakarta; an ageing Iranian man wishing for a peaceful death, blessed with a Talqueen ceremony.

Nicky Ni

Content warning: Images of genocide, description of torture