London Short Film Festival and the British Council Announce Partnership

London Short Film Festival is delighted to announce a new project that amplifies global filmmaking communities, growing the UK's connection with emerging international talent.

In partnership with, and supported by the British Council, we are piloting a scheme that will allow up to 100 film makers free submission to the festival.

The countries selected are part of the British Council's ODA priorities; the pilot has as its focus international territories where it may be difficult for film makers to afford festival submission fees.

Filmmakers who apply through our international partners who do not qualify for the waiver*, will be offered our early bird rate fee of £18. Plus, as part of the initiative to create a sustainable cross-cultural educational exchange, LSFF is offering access to our industry programme to all international partners. We're so excited to be bringing you fresh film making talent from those who historically may have been economically excluded. We're all about bringing new stories to the fore, and developing emerging and undiscovered talent. We're sure you'll enjoy the results as much as we will!

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