Another Round of Award Winners

January feels like an age ago. If you weren't able to make LSFF '22, we're giving you another chance to see this year’s award-winning short films, from the hilariously chaotic to the challenging and profound by way of French Guiana, Senegal and, unsurprisingly, London.

A fly not long for this world, a meditation on an erased people, a drama class turned on its head and an Orwellian nightmare not too dissimilar from our own.


Curzon Soho Saturday 19 March, 3:30pm GET TICKETS

Rio Cinema Sunday 20 March, 1:30pm GET TICKETS

Catford Mews Sunday 20 March, 1:15pm GET TICKETS

Selected by our jury of industry figures including Mark Rylance, these films represent the ingenuity and multiplicity of forms and ideas within short film, and the breadth of the festival’s programme.

Total Running Time: 79min

The Films

Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee (Jones, 2021, UK)

What I Imagined the dying fly, with the broken leg, was feeling (Hugh Clegg, 2021, UK)

Sër Bi (Moly Kane, 2021, France, Senegal)

Listen to the Beat of Our Images (Audrey Jean-Baptiste, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, 2021, French Guiana)

Irani Bag (Maryam Tafakory, 2021, UK)

Play It Safe (Mitch Kalisa, 2021, UK)

(Image credit: Listen to the Beat of our Images, Audrey & Maxime Jean-Baptiste, 2021)