ANNOUNCED: LSFF 2021 Award Winners

Deliberating from across the globe (Berlin, Winnipeg, LA, London!), this year's juror choices celebrate those makers with singular visions and formal ambition, interpreting and reimagining an often chaotic world.



In association with Intermission Youth

EASIER - MR BRUCE, dir. Ian Bruce

This award was chosen by a jury (Micah Loubon, 23; Rakiya Idris Hasan, 20; Sian-Leigh Moore, 19; Kashif Douglas, 26; Abigail Sewell, 26) of Intermission Youth filmmakers.

Our Lo-Budget Mayhem programmes have always been the festival’s celebration of rough-and-ready, irreverent filmmaking, and this award recognises work that is imaginative, resourceful and tells stories with limited-to-no resources. All qualifying films can be found in our Lo-Budget Mayhem double bill (here and here).



Sponsored by Sir Mark Rylance and the Van Kampen family

powerwash (i love you), dir. Rory Waudby-Tolley

In celebration of the life of promising filmmaker Nataasha Van Kampen, this award remembers her boundless talent and humour, as founded and sponsored by her stepfather, Sir Mark Rylance. This award was deliberated on by Rylance, Claire van Kampen, Juliet Rylance and Chris van Kampen. All qualifying films screened in Funny Shit.

“What made powerwash (i love you) outstanding was a combination of capturing the zeitgeist of lockdown, having a satisfying, succinct narrative, and offering a unique perspective on the strangest of times."


2 LIZARDS, dir. Meriem Benani & Orian Barki

This award was chosen by the LSFF 2021 International Jury: filmmaker Ngozi Onwaruh, programmer and producer Jason Ryle, and artist and performer Vaginal Davis.

“What begins as a clever play on a global phenomenon turns into something rather more complex whilst maintaining its playfulness. Through astute vignettes, a pair of New York City urbanites reflect on coping with the first lockdown and hold up a poignant mirror that succinctly and wonderfully captures the zeitgeist of the early pandemic."


THE LONG GOODBYE, dir. Aneil Karia

Chosen by the LSFF International jury

“Our choice acknowledges the brilliant work of The Long Goodbye's creative team for sharing a deeply menacing drama that is, at its heart, a testament to survival and empowerment, embodied in the remarkable performance of Riz Ahmed."


SUN DOG, dir. Dorian Jespers

Chosen by the LSFF International jury

“This short transported us to a frozen world that is both familiar and unknown. The filmmaker crafts an otherworldly story that begins with the prosaic but then transforms into something profound and fantastical. A frozen landscape is warmed by the light of a new sun."

BEST UK SHORT FILM Sponsored by the British Council

THE NAME I CALL MYSELF, dir. Rhea Dillon

Chosen by the LSFF International jury

“This film is shot with love that one feels emanating from the screen. A sequence of arresting portraits escalates into an ever deeper dance of emotion, strength and beauty that celebrates the power of those on screen. The Name I Call Myself is true visual poetry and love manifest."

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