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From short, sharp comedic hits and science-infused fictions, to digital abstractions and kaleidoscopic animations, our New Shorts programmes offer the best of global and homegrown short filmmaking.


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  • NEW SHORTS: Sister Act


    Snapping, spiteful, begrudgingly tender: welcome to the highs and lows of sisterhood. Whether it’s the loss of a parent or bonding by blood in a bathroom stall, these sisters have each others’ backs.

  • DOCUMENTARY: Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart


    Unexpected connections flourish in the right environment. These empathetic and unconventional portraits look to the multitudinous ways we forge connections.

  • UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details


    Layering fantasy over reality, these works comprise speculative futures, dream logics and waking nightmares, from tricksy megachurches in Lagos to the utopian otherworlds of Somerset's Wookey Hole Caves.

  • LO-BUDGET MAYHEM: ¡C’est du Cinéma!


    High concept, no budget movie-making. From wannabe Godards to a jittering Humphrey Bogart, these filmmakers build new worlds with frugal flair.

  • LO-BUDGET MAYHEM: Stay At Home


    We've all been stuck inside this last year - including our ever-ingenious low budget filmmakers. From swearing fridges to fingernails that chat back, celebrate their inventiveness in the face of budget constraints and self-isolation.



    LSFF wouldn’t be LSFF without our annual smorgasbord of deranged cinematic oddities, designed to both tickle and disturb in equal measure.

  • NEW SHORTS: Presence


    From a vibrant Lagos to the queer corners of Margate, the euphoria of 145 BPM to absurd sonic-sexual compositions, these works revel in the fun and freedom of taking up space.

  • NEW SHORTS: Absence


    Desires, longings and fantastical logics flood the void as these characters spiral in an absence. With surreal pop culture parable from Andrew Norman Wilson. 

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