LSFF 2022


14/01/22, 18:30

T A P E Collective & Invisible Women Present Touched + Q&A

Co-curated by T A P E and Invisible Women, TOUCHED celebrates the diversity and fluidity of desire with sensuous shorts by female and non-binary filmmakers.

14/01/22, 21:00

New Shorts: Funny Shit

We could all do with a laugh. LSFF returns with our time-honoured opening night tradition, a smörgåsbord of the year's finest comedy shorts. If your sense of humour is warm and observational, gallows and deadpan, trippy and crude or satirical and politically subversive - there'll be something to LOL at.

15/01/22, 13:30

New Shorts: Lo-Budget Mayhem

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” Orson Welles knew what was up. And if you agree with such a statement, LSFF's cherished ragtag anthology of short and strange frugal filmmaking is for you.

15/01/22, 15:00

International Competition: We seize only a bit of the curtain that hides the infinite from us.

The haunting past reassembles itself, sometimes with permission, at times without. A former student, a father, a young woman and a young man wrangle with a history that intend to reveal and expose lingering dilemmas.

15/01/22, 15:00

New Shorts: Disparate Youth

Youthful optimism battles the struggle to self-actualise amid constraints of class, capital and parental permission in this global collection of shorts from Ethiopia, Croatia, Lithuania and the UK; each beautifully depicting teen turmoil and the hopes and fears of an unknown future.

15/01/22, 15:45

Collaborations: The Films of Anna Maguire, Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Dusty Mancinelli + Q&A

The line between being in front of the camera and behind the camera is blurred in this retrospective of short films; collaborations between actors and filmmakers Anna Maguire, Madeleine Sims-Fewer & Dusty Mancinelli.

15/01/22, 17:00


The world premiere of three newly commissioned artists' films inspired by the life and work of boundary-pushing experimental filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin. These new works take creative inspiration from his work and the themes he explored throughout his life of masculinity, sexuality, disability, illness, pain/pleasure, voyeurism, movement and desire.

15/01/22, 17:55

Feature: Violation ( Dusty Mancinelli, Madeleine Sims-Fewer) + Q&A

A troubled woman on the edge of divorce returns home to her younger sister after years apart. But when her sister and brother-in-law betray her trust, she embarks on a vicious crusade of revenge.

15/01/22, 18:00

Invisible Women: And What Does Your Mother Do?

Invisible Women celebrate the work of the collectivised feminist film movement across Latin America in the 1970s. This programme includes the work of Cine Mujer Colombia, Cine Mujer Mexico and Brazil’s Via TV Mulher, tackling perennial feminist issues such as abortion, sex work and domestic labour.

15/01/22, 18:00

D/deaf Shorts: My Eye Is My Ear

Our yearly programme exploring the multitude of d/Deaf experiences returns, guest programmed by multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Rinkoo Barpaga. These beautiful, innovative films explore the personal letters of Beethoven as interpreted by a deaf Black artist, a group of mates deciding to claim their own space, and the exclusion of d/Deaf people from last year’s government COVID briefings.

15/01/22, 19:00

International Competition: I hear you, I see you, I speak of you

A meaning is decipherable. Yet a meaning of purpose is indecipherable. Wrapped in yearning and adversity - siblings resort to rivalry, a family is obliged to seek refuge, a newlywed wobbles in predicament while a community form bonds with one another.

15/01/22, 19:00

Up Yours! Post Punk & Feminism Revisited with Live Performances from Shade Ray and Es

To celebrate the publication of Dr Rachel Garfield's Experimental Film and Punk: Feminist Audio Visual Culture of the 1970s and 1980s, we present alive music and film event includes screenings of works featured in the book and live performances from bands Shade Ray and Es.

15/01/22, 21:00

New Shorts: Animation Variety Show

Our annual Animation selection continues to colour outside the lines. These animations are bold, political, hilarious and irreverent miniatures of the modern condition - these characters may only exist on paper, but their emotions, predicaments and sentiments are entirely #relatable.

16/01/22, 13:00

New Shorts: experimental: void mirror

Exploring the paradoxes and rules within the online wellness movement and artificial ecologies, these shorts overlay archive, sonic landscapes and digital materials in a strand that always champions innovative visual forms of storytelling.

16/01/22, 14:15

T A P E Collective Presents We Can Be Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. In this colourful programme spotlighting alternative and independent animation, filmmakers explore how the animated form can be used to illustrate everyday heroism.

16/01/22, 15:00

International Competition: On the Pulse of Hope

It was long till Spring, yet the frozen water was still flowing. Death laced in solitary, children seeking meaning, a couple drowning in lust and a neighbourhood in drought from routine. In truth, nobody wants water this thin.

16/01/22, 15:00

New Shorts: A Winter's Matinee of Romantic Films

Warm, fierce, and (occasionally) delusional narratives about love emerge in this eclectic programme, embracing the sensuality of touch and the vulnerability of a romantic declaration.

16/01/22, 15:45

New Shorts: Disconnected Conversations

Staged in the spaces and silences of broken connection and trust, these dramas put family tensions and misunderstandings under the microscope.

16/01/22, 16:30

Artists in Conversation: Onyeka Igwe and Sky Hopinka

This is the first in-dialogue screening between artist, Onyeka Igwe and Sky Hopinka, with screenings of their films.

16/01/22, 17:00

New Shorts: Science Fictions

Prophecies, premonitions and parallel universes abound in this series of otherworldly sci-fi transmissions from worlds and dimensions beyond this one. Time-traveling relatives, inter-dimensional TV-obsessed religious zealots, the eerie future of sperm donation and the motivational lyrics of Eminem's Lose Yourself.