Awards and Juries 2022

This year, we welcome a prestigious jury to judge our Best UK and Best International Short Film awards. We're excited to announce the return of the TAASH Award for Comedy (sponsored by Sky Arts) and our regular lo-budget short award, judged by Intermission Youth.

UK & International Award Jury

We are thrilled to announce our Jury for LSFF '22: Fiona Lamptey (Director UK Features, Netflix), filmmaker Nick Rowland and Open City Docs Director María Palacios Cruz. Each juror brings with them a unique and discerning perspective and as a jury, they represent a wealth of experience and passion for short film.




Sponsored by the British Council


The Best British Short Film Award celebrates groundbreaking short filmmaking from within the UK, using both form and content to produce impactful, challenging work.


Encompassing narrative filmmaking and the more abstract, documentary and animation, this award spotlights the multiplicity and diversity of British creators and creativity. 


The Best British Short Film Award winner will receive a £1000 grant towards supporting travel to an international festival, or to attend a training and development opportunity of their choice.


A Special Mention will be awarded £500 grant for the same type of support.




The Best International Short Film Award champions filmmaking from across the globe that interprets cultural, political and social concerns in bold and exploratory ways. The qualifying works reflect the diversity in formal innovation, aesthetics and perspective that the international short film community has to offer. 


The Best International Short Film award winner will receive a £1000 grant towards their next project.


A Special Mention will be awarded £500 towards their next project.

Nick Rowland


Nick Rowland is a writer & director for film and television and LSFF alumni. His feature-length debut, Calm With Horses, produced by Michael Fassbender’s DMC Film & Film4, was released in 2020 and went on to receive 10 BIFA nominations and 4 BAFTA nominations including ‘Outstanding British Film’. His short films have played around the world, earning him critical acclaim including a grand jury nomination at the Sundance Film Festival and further BAFTA and BIFA nominations. His eclectic array of short films explore varying genres through subjective and emotional narratives.



María Palacios Cruz is a film curator, writer and educator. She is currently the director of Open City Documentary Festival in London and was previously Deputy Director of LUX, the UK agency for artists' moving image. She has been a programmer for the Courtisane Festival in Ghent since 2008 and is a co-founder of The Visible Press. Together with Erika Balsom, Beatrice Gibson and Ben Rivers, she programs The Machine That Kills Bad People, a bi-monthly film club at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.





Lindsay is Head of Documentaries at the Guardian where she commissions and curates the Guardian's documentary films. Her core focus is the digital documentary strand for short films about compelling, contemporary stories, including the Oscar-winning Colette.  Lindsay is passionate about innovation in storytelling and has a strong filmmaking as well as journalistic background. Her work has been recognised with prestigious awards and has been shown around the world at The White House, Tribeca, Sundance, IDFA and more.




Sponsored by Mark Rylance and the Van Kampen family


Comedy is always an audience favourite at LSFF, and a beloved genre of our short filmmakers. 


Getting a laugh is a rare talent - subjective to each one of us watching, whilst a universal experience when it’s gotten right - and this award acknowledges those filmmakers finessing comedy on screen.


All qualifying UK films can be found in the Funny Shit and Sketch Nights programme.


In celebration of the life of promising filmmaker Nataasha Van Kampen, this award remembers her boundless talent and humour, as founded and sponsored by her stepfather, Mark Rylance.

The award will be judged and awarded by Mark Rylance, Claire van Kampen, Director, writer, Composer; Juliet Rylance, Actress; and Chris van Kampen, Architect. 


The winner of the Taash Award For Comedy In Film will receive an award of £1000 towards their next project.



Sponsored by London Film School


LSFF has always championed a little DIY rebelliousness in short filmmaking, while being aware there’s a method to that madness. 


Our Lo-Budget Mayhem programme has been the festival’s traditional celebration of such filmmaking, and this award recognises work that is imaginative, resourceful and tells stories with limited-to-no resources and a good dose of wit. All qualifying films can be found in the Lo-Budget Mayhem programme.


This festival’s award will be deliberated on by Rakiya Hasan and Mascuud Dahir from Intermission Youth


The Best Lo-Budget Short winner will receive an award of £500, and a £250 short course voucher from the London Film School.


Intermission Youth gives disadvantaged young Londoners the tools to make positive choices and become the best version of themselves through drama, film and mentoring.



Rakiya Hasan is a creative director with a passion for film. She has experience of many areas of production and acting for screen and stage, and is part of a youth theatre called Intermission Youth. She was blessed to get an agent through Intermission where she surrounded herself in a positive creative environment that nurtured her interests. She worked on production behind the camera, on directing, cinematography and editing.  She is a storyteller and can deliver stories on set and acting, on screen and stage. Rakiya loves to escape in stories and her mind never rests in thinking of new things.



Mascuud is an actor born and raised in East London. Recently, he completed a month-long run of a modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet at the Cheslea Theatre where he played Friar Laurence. Mascuud has a love for all-sorts of film. He recently, in an attempt to bolster his film knowledge, watched 100 films before the end of the year.