LSFF 2021


02/01/21, 10:00

A: OPENING NIGHT: Good Stock on the Dimension Floor

HowDoYouSayYaminAfrican? Collective's transportive visual opera of spoken, sung and screamed libretto opens LSFF 2021.

15/01/21, 19:00

OPENING NIGHT: Good Stock on the Dimension Floor: an Opera

HowDoYouSayYaminAfrican?'s transportive visual opera explores the multiplicity of Black selfhood through Afrofuturist abstraction.

15/01/21, 20:30

NEW SHORTS: Funny Shit

From ASMR for white liberals to homoerotic rivalries at the badminton club, these quick-fire comedies might just prove 2020 gave us something to laugh about after all.

16/01/21, 13:00

UK COMPETITION: I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (at BFI)

From the afrofuturist currents of carnival in the Bahamas to the mellower cadences of Patrick Cowley’s San Francisco, these short works offer evocations and elegies of past lives and shared legacies.

16/01/21, 13:00

NEW SHORTS: Screen On Screen

Artists’ film and video works abstract and interpret a chaotic world, from the diarising of Barbara Hammer to Noël Carroll’s theories on horror.

16/01/21, 16:00

UK COMPETITION: The Double Life Of... (at BFI)

Who we present to the real world often isn't the person we really are. This eclectic batch of interior fictions digs into true selves, concealment and catharsis.

16/01/21, 17:00

MOTION SUSPENDED: Outdoor Projections

In the absence of gigs, LSFF presents a free AV installation of performance visuals and sonic futurism on the Southbank.

16/01/21, 18:00

ONLINE TOGETHER: Keiken In Conversation

Cross-dimensional digital arts collective Keiken (Augmented Empathy) will be hosted in open conversation on their collaborative creative and working process.

16/01/21, 18:30

UK COMPETITION: Close Quarters (at BFI)

Compulsions, crushes and cravings come to a head in these portraits of social dysfunction and bad company kept, with new work from Daniel Kaluuya and Sophia Di Martino.

16/01/21, 20:30


Otherworldly phenomena and an incarcerated anthropomorphic cow feature in this panorama of a world in stasis. With new animated fables from Wong Ping, Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki.

16/01/21, 20:30


How do we foster intimacy across the flatness of our screens? The White Pube's Gabrielle de la Puente leads discussion on seeking and building community in virtual spaces.

17/01/21, 13:00

NEW SHORTS: London Lives

Life in the capital has shaped up differently of late. These affectionate works survey the highs and lows of pre-pandemic and locked down London.

17/01/21, 14:00

LFS: The Space Between Us: Remi Itani and Rafael Manuel

London Film School alumni Remi Itani and Rafael Manuel join us in conversation on the intricacies of their characters and world-building.

17/01/21, 14:30

NEW SHORTS: A Winter's Matinee of Romantic Films

To bolster hearts in trying times, our LSFF staple of modern romances (and some old school meet-cutes) is back.

17/01/21, 15:00

UK COMPETITION: Lessons In Survival (at BFI)

Whether old friends or strangers we meet along the way, protecting those around us is essential to our morality and survival. Featuring the latest from Riz Ahmed and visual artist Rhea Dillon.

17/01/21, 16:30


This curation of short documentaries interrogates the form itself as a politically useful tool for marginalised and displaced peoples and cultures.

17/01/21, 18:00

UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details (at BFI)

Layering fantasy over reality, these works comprise speculative futures, dream logics and waking nightmares, from tricksy megachurches in Lagos to the utopian otherworlds of Somerset's Wookey Hole Caves.

17/01/21, 18:30

RADICAL TV: Videofreex

Collective television-makers Videofreex revolutionised citizen journalism in the late ‘60s, documenting protests and profiles of activists like Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman, Fred Hampton.

18/01/21, 16:00

NEW SHORTS: Science Fictions

Visions of cosmic presents and imagined futures. With existential gems from artist filmmakers Jacqueline Lentzou and Linh Duong.

18/01/21, 16:00

NEW SHORTS: Pulp Fictions

Assassinations, family feuds, vampiric seductions and tough crooks are the order of the day in this hard-boiled selection of short stories, starring Downton’s Jessica Brown-Findlay and Game of Thrones’ Joe Dempsie.