We’ve all been through some extraordinarily tough times of late, but the show must go on.


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and intermittent UK lockdown, the 18th edition of London Short Film Festival (15-24 January 2021) will be presented as a hybrid edition. 


The majority of our festival is screening online on Eventive, our streaming platform of choice, with a handful of socially distanced physical events happening in venues across our 10 days.


Both our online and physical events will run through 15-24 January, please find the full LSFF 2021 programme here.


How to watch online

You can access all of our virtual LSFF screenings on our Eventive platform

Each day of the festival, a number of programmes will go live for you to enjoy. You can pre-order tickets for each programme from the festival’s launch on 1st December. You will receive an email reminder when your screening goes live so you don’t miss a thing.

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Each programme will have a 48 hour availability period after it goes live. In this 48 hour window, you will also have the opportunity to buy a ticket if you haven’t already, unlock the programme and start watching.


You can start your 24 hour watch period at any point during this 48 hour window and will still get 24 hours to watch your programme (even if you start watching minutes before the programme expires!)

Please find FAQs on optimising your online viewing experience and tech troubleshooting on the Eventive website here.

For any queries, please reach out to year, you can save money and get access to multiple programmes with our Competition and Documentary passes. Find information on ticketing and booking here.





As we’re online this year, we are delighted to welcome new global viewers and make our festival as internationally accessible as possible. 


However, we are committed to respecting our filmmakers and distributors who have requested geoblocking. 


This year, all of our Special Events are only accessible to UK audiences, whilst the good majority of our New Shorts offering is available to worldwide audiences.


If you are joining us as an international viewer, please anticipate some of our New Shorts programmes may contain content only available in the UK. These films will be flagged on each event listing. 


To access the international version of each screening, simply follow the signposted link in the Eventive programme description to watch the films available in your region.

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For any queries, please reach out to




View the full LSFF 2021 schedule here.


For more information on tickets and passes, please click here.

For FAQs on using the Eventive site, please click here.