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“Both warm and enlightening, this year's documentary programme displays the potential for sensitivity between filmmakers and the people, places and events they have encountered as we bear witness to the breadth of experience that piece together histories and form material realities.”


— Miranda Mungai, Documentary programmer

  • DOCUMENTARY: Who Speaks For A Space?


    Tripoli, London, virtual reality: for whom are the spaces we inhabit daily built? These incisive non-fictions consider occupation and ownership.

  • DOCUMENTARY: System Failure


    How many people end up collateral damage in a world where the odds are against them? These global documentaries centre individual testimonies of failed systems.

  • DOCUMENTARY: Being/Becoming


    Filmmakers take microscopic and macroscopic perspectives on subjecthood in this mix of experimental, convivial and performative short docs.

  • DOCUMENTARY: Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart


    Unexpected connections flourish in the right environment. These empathetic and unconventional portraits look to the multitudinous ways we forge connections.

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