Here's the full list of films in this year's festival - find your favourite or discover something new. 

#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures

Katayoun Jalilipour

“#Familiar #Touch #lost #Figures” is an exploration of queer ancestry and diaspora, the hybrids between cultural traditions and contemporary queer identity. This short film is about intimacies that are taboo. It’s about when you’re stuck between not knowing where home is, and finding home in a stranger.​

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Yero Timi-Biu

0.5% takes place in a single day in which four different residents of a seaside town connect with each other in an unexpected way. Based on writer/director Yero Timi-Biu’s own experiences, the film explores the joy and comfort to be shared between these residents of a town whose streets are 97% white.

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Waseem Khair

Palestinian artists Osama Atwa and Waseem Khair travel to Lebanon for an artistic tour in the refugee camps. Waseem and Osama (coming from an area under Israeli authority and one from under Palestinian authority respectively), both arrive in the refugee camps in Lebanon and encounter its complex history.
Over three weeks, they find themselves in a place that both resembles them, and creates many questions, confusions and contradictions.

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Harris Dickinson

On the eve of a young soldier's deployment, his father makes one last attempt to reconnect before it’s too late.

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Teddy Nygh

An innovative 5 x 1'min episodic series, shot entirely on an iPhone 12+ pro max, vertically in 9x16.

Turning 21 in 2021 just isn't that easy. We follow 4 young characters trying to figure out what normal is as they try to celebrate a 21st birthday in pandemic London.

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5 Stars

Remi Itani, Aneesha Lowni

Across three Uber journeys, a woman of colour explains who she is to people who have already made their mind up.

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7th of August

Michał Bolland

A homophobic tsunami engulfed Poland in 2020. Vilified by the ruling political party, the LGBTQ+ community became the target of an intense campaign supported by the church and public media. “7th of August” documents the day when the community said enough, demonstrating on the streets of Warsaw in defense of Margot, an activist from the Stop the Nonsense collective.

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Ben Brand

Bert's race against time to find the match of his life among the subway cars.

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A Film About a Pudding

Roel Van Beek

After Ronin neglects to clear up her dropped groceries, they start to mix and bubble, transforming into a small pudding. Whilst this initially seems odd, for Ronin, it is easily ignorable. Over the next few days, the pudding grows bigger and bigger. As it threatens to engulf the entire city how far will she, and the other inhabitants of her city, go to continue ignoring it?

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A Horror Story (The Ballad of Adam, Ade & Eve)

Bradley Banton

With fertility rates in men dropping to dangerous levels, state funded agencies have resorted to some very unorthodox practices in the face of a divided United Kingdom...

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A Love Letter to the Basement


A Love Letter to the Basement celebrates The Chateau, an underground DIY LGBTIQA+ bar, cultural space and performance collective in South East London. What began as a three month pop-up in 2018, stretched to two years of queer performance and expression, in an ex-religious themed cocktail bar underneath Camberwell Church Street SE5. The film was built on the memories of those who experienced it. Through voiceover, archival footage and photography of the many nights at The Chateau, the film shows us what the space embodied and how it housed the queer community of South East London.

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A Man Trembles

Mark Chua, Lam Li Shuen

In 1998 Singapore, at the peak of the Asian Financial Crisis, a man and his family spend their final day on Earth at Sentosa island. There, he comes to confront the peculiar closeness between salvation and terror.

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A Powerful Thang

Zeinabu irene Davis

This innovative drama, set in Ohio, traces a Black couple’s search for intimacy and friendship. The spirited, African-identified Yasmine (Asma Feyijinmi) is a writer and single mother who has been dating saxophone teacher Craig (John Earl Jelks) for a month. Wishing to end her self-imposed celibacy following her son’s birth, Yasmine has reached a turning point in the relationship—but Craig wants to take it slow. Sage advice from friends and family members remind them, “sex is a powerful thang.”

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A Tribute to Black Women

Ann Carney & Barbara Phillips

How many famous Black women can you name who aren’t either sportswomen or entertainers’ Mostly the folks of Liverpool draw a blank – making the point that too little is known or taught about Black women.

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A View from a Window

Owen R Barbet

What does a window see, think & feel?
This is a tale of four seemingly disparate windows, whose thoughts may prove they are not too dissimilar from us. 

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A Woman on the Internet (Or, The Eternal Scream)

Jamie Janković

A filmic response to Lynn Hershman Leeson’s text, Romancing the Anti-body (1995), exploring the jarring juxtapositions of friction, toxicity, joy and liberation that trans people, queers and femmes experience when playing as their own custom character creations in video game spaces.

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A sip of water

Hyuna Cho

In Korean society, the shamans are considered extraordinary because they bridge the gap between the gods and humans with their psychic talents.

The shamans do not exist in a binary. Neither ordinary people or gods, and distanced from both these spirits and ordinary people, they often feel lonely and confused in equal measure.

This film focuses on their extraordinary position based on their testimonies.

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Ada Vs. Abramovic

Hannah Cooke

The slow motion video shows Hannah Cooke breastfeeding her daughter Ada in an exhibition like setting.
They are sitting in front of a woman in a red dress that looks like Marina Abramović in her performance “The Artist is Present”, which was shown at MoMA 2010.
Hannah Cooke wants to confront the Artist Marina Abramović with her negative statement about the compatibility of maternity and art made in an interview

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Samuel de Ceccatty

A one-shot film about Holly, who after a casual hook up tries sneaking out of the kooky London mooring but roommate Max is eager to get to know her, despite the accumulation of red flags.

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Affairs of the Art

Joanna Quinn

59-year-old factory worker Beryl is totally obsessed with drawing, her fixation dominating the entire household. Apart from husband Ifor, Beryl’s model and muse, the whole family is addicted to something - son Colin is a technical geek and sister Beverly is a fanatically narcissistic taxidermist. Apparently obsession is in the family’s DNA.

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Against The Current

Linda Flint, Hildur Gladwin, Jane Harris

An experimental documentary which takes both an historical and a contemporary look at the lack of control women have over their own bodies, focusing mainly on childbirth and developments in reproductive technologies.

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Agnes and Boris

Talia Jawitz, Mateusz François Bielinski

Agnes and Boris flee their responsibilities through their screens, ever present in their lives. They are forced to face with their deep anxieties when their apartment suffers a power failure.

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Muhammed Seyyid Yildiz

An illegal Kurdish refugee borrows the car of his dreams for a joyride around London. Freedom starts to get blurry when a series of misfortunes comes his way, leading him to make a fateful decision.

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All Black: Jungle Fever

Originally airing on BBC2 in 1994, this classic documentary charts the rise of jungle music in the UK with footage and interviews from the studios, the shops and the clubs.

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All These Men That I've Done

Lorraine Nolan, Mark Daly

Four women explore the constructs that have helped shape their sexual confidence.

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All Those Sensations in My Belly

Marko Djeska

While transitioning from male to female gender, Matia struggles with finding a genuine intimate relationship with a heterosexual man.

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Subarna D

Amayi is a story of a woman who is haunted by nightmares of her past and her possible future of becoming the next village circumciser. When she is asked to take up the job and circumcise her daughter, she realizes she can't conform to the traditions and the customs of her community, she must fight back.

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Amores de Rua

Eunice Gutman

A documentary about prostitution in Brazil. Includes portraits of sex workers and discussion of personal issues and working conditions.

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An Ode To A Time I Loved Bread

Neema Ngelime

 A recollection of incomplete feelings about Neema, the filmmaker’s, time at a colonial legacy boarding school.   

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And What Does Your Mother Do?

Cine Mujer

AND WHAT DOES YOUR MOTHER DO? Is a humorous film which cleverly uses the technique of speeded-up action, to expose basic inequalities built into the traditional family structure, which lay the bulk of responsibility and pressure on women

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