We are such stuff as dreams are made on


Sam Crane

United Kingdom



We are such stuff as dreams are made on

What happens when you try to perform Shakespeare inside a public lobby in GTA Online, a game space notorious for its aggression and gratuitous violence?
You might expect the other players in your server (randomly allocated from anywhere in the world) to respond with heavy weaponry, perhaps a mini SMG, or a compact grenade launcher. And indeed, this is often what happens.
Yet occasionally you may come across someone who responds in an entirely unexpected manner ...
This work radically appropriates the notoriously violent and misogynistic world of Grand Theft Auto, and reimagines it as a space for live performance of Shakespeare. It also interrogates what an audience can be and how it can interact with performance. 

Showing in:

New Shorts: Ghosts in the Machines

22/01/22, 20:45

BFI Southbank