upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop


Rachel Maclean

United Kingdom



upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop

Lost in a dark fairy tale forest, Mimi picks up a magical mirror and sings to her reflection: ‘mirror, mirror in my hand, who’s the cutest in the land?’. She is delighted to discover that 'it's mi'. However, it's not long before doubt creeps in as her youthful appearance shows signs of aging and a mysterious presence competes for her coveted status. Upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop looks light and playful on the surface, but becomes dark and unnerving once you get beyond the glossy veneer. Critical of a culture obsessed with youth and newness, the film updates familiar fairytale tropes to comment on growing old in the age of social media.

Showing in:

UK Competition: Eye Of The Duck

21/01/22, 20:50

BFI Southbank