There We Are, John


Ken McMullen

United Kingdom



There We Are, John

In this revealing documentary, commissioned by the British Council, McMullen creates an elegant portrait of Derek Jarman, based on an interview conducted by John Cartwright. The questions are unobtrusive, allowing Jarman to reflect on his major films: His surprise at the reaction against Jubilee and Sebastiane, satisfaction with Caravaggio and his delight with The Angelic Conversation. All the while the camera stays with him, revealing but humane. Despite the debilitating effects of serious illness (Jarman was filmed on the very day he left hospital following pneumonia), we see an artist with his inner vision unimpaired; still humorous, self-effacing, quirky but disarmingly charming. A remarkable document and statement to the 1990’s.

Showing in:

Guardian Docs: Saintmaking

17/01/22, 18:00

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