Laura Carreira

United Kingdom




Anna, an agency worker, wanders through the supermarket trying to find affordable necessities. As her groceries edge towards the checkout, her agency calls; she has lost her shift. A vignette of the vulnerable conditions of a temporary worker and the dangerously thin line separating employment and poverty, security and tumult.

“After taking her dog for a walk one morning, a young woman heads to a supermarket to do some shopping. She rummages through shelves and surveys the reduced section for discounted items to put in her basket, but when she gets to the checkout, she gets an unexpected phone call from her temp agency about her upcoming shifts. Written and directed by Laura Carreira, and with a lead performance from Anna Russell-Martin who says as much with her glances as she does with her words, The Shift highlights the precarity that temporary workers find themselves in on a daily basis and just how easy it is to cross the fine line between job security and unemployment.”
— Dan Guthrie

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UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details

22/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details (at BFI)

30/06/21, 17:30

BFI Southbank