Rhea Dillon



United Kingdom

The multiplicities of Black LGBTQ identities are carefully constructed and deconstructed, discarding the notion of a universal, homogenous experience of the world. Across two screens, parents stretch in gentle yoga poses with their child, a group of friends have a meal in someone’s home, a person vogues outside alone, and a couple holding hands in the back of a taxi. Small moments of affection that are a joy to witness.

“An ode to living with joy and a deep sense of community. Across two screens, Dillon’s protagonists show what it means to raise, uphold, and care for one another. The Name I Call Myself is a stunning audiovisual composition that actively shows how a person is always so much more than any singular identity could contain.”
— Clara Helbig

Showing in event:

UK COMPETITION: Lessons In Survival

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