Tanya Ronder, Louis Norris, Hector Norris

United Kingdom




It’s the height of lockdown, and Beth has asked her older sisters for a video call. She’s expecting a functional chat about how to split mum’s shopping bill, but the conversation takes a darker turn. A hyperrealistic family drama devised remotely through improvisation.

“Sleek, successful Claire (Spooks’ Hermione Norris) and homemaker Annie (Anastasia Hille, The Missing) respond to a Zoom call from the scattered Beth (Penny Layden, The Libertine), who we learn has been co-opted into caring for their unstable mother during lockdown. With dialogue mainly born of structured improvisation, the short comes off as natural and honest in its display of the past year’s anxieties, with an energy from its three excellent performers that resonates particularly well to siblings with difficult parents. Each character’s wholeness and familiarity is facilitated by the video call format, which, as filmmakers are quickly learning, can showcase an entirely new form of intimacy.”
— Sylvie Dumont

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: Close Quarters

20/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: Close Quarters (at BFI)

28/06/21, 17:30

BFI Southbank