Shade Ray


Shade Ray

Shade Ray are a trio of dream-rockers from London. Cara, Beth & Kaja create intricate, spiralling, meandering, epic songs that make you want to sway and lose yourself. Conjurers of stories and sound, Shade Ray tiptoe on a tender tightrope between surreal and deeply heartfelt, often stepping away from the ordinary in their lyrics and to hold up kingdoms, monsters and mythology as a prism to view the world through. Sweeping, dirty guitars, echoes of brass, samples and spoken word might all be found at their live performances nodding to their combined influences of ambient, jazz, doowop, soul, grunge, hip hop and psychedelia with a defiant heart at the centre. Cheeky with odd time signatures, then suddenly heavy with a wailing refrain - Shade Ray play with dark and play with light - thriving in contrast.

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Up Yours! Post Punk & Feminism Revisited with Live Performances from Shade Ray and Es

15/01/22, 19:00