Rinkoo Barpaga


Rinkoo Barpaga

Rinkoo Barpaga is a working class man born to Punjabi parents, raised in Birmingham in the Thatcher era. Rinkoo enjoyed many years with ITV, working with experts in linguistics and homing his vast visual language skills, but unfortunately racist issues and pay inequality became too great for him to ignore, eventually forcing him to leave. Through his transient lifestyle, and his ability to silently observe from the sidelines, Rinkoo became captivated by the world of comedy and performance. As a keen ethnic minority member, Rinkoo believes it's his duty to hold a mirror up to social and political injustices through performance, comedy, documentary and written story telling. Rinkoo's innovative, truth telling film making career led him to develop his 2015 Double Discrimination documentary, shown on Film4, uncovering the oppression experienced by Deaf ethnic minorities members within the Deaf community.

Showing in:

New Shorts: Sketch Night

20/01/22, 19:00

Rich Mix Stage