Play It Safe


Mitch Kalisa

United Kingdom



Play It Safe

Jonathan is out of place in his middle-class London drama school. Pigeonholed for a role as a Black hoodlum in a classmate’s play and coaxed by his teacher to take the typecast part, Jonathan decides to demonstrate to his peers their prejudices, during a class role play exercise.
Play it Safe is a story about implicit bias: unconscious racism by those who think of themselves as above prejudice, but whose conditioned racism is just as impactful as those who wear their intolerance proudly. Jonathan’s realisation that he is not in a liberal safe-space, but that his seemingly well-intended classmates hold entrenched stereotypes, reflects the real stories of countless drama students across the UK.

Showing in:

UK Competition: You're Obviously In The Wrong Place

20/01/22, 18:15

BFI Southbank