John Ogunmuyiwa

United Kingdom




A job is just a job, but as with anything, time flies when you’re doing it with your best friend.

“Filmmaker John Ogunmuyiwa asks if our jobs define who we are. In the case of Mandem’s two drug dealing protagonists, Ogunmuyiwa goes against convention to fully realise each as personalities as they go about daily life and business from client-to-client. The film flashes from off-hand comedic moments of the day-to-day, to sudden necessary violence not normally associated with “work”, and its power is in creating rounded characters who can inhabit both worlds when required to do so, brilliantly performed by Stevie Basaula (known for playing Isaac Baptiste in Eastenders) and Bradley Banton.”
— Philip Ilson

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: The Double Life Of...

19/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: The Double Life Of... (at BFI)

27/06/21, 11:30

BFI Southbank