MAMILS (Middle Aged Men In Lycra)


Ben Marshall

United Kingdom



MAMILS (Middle Aged Men In Lycra)

MAMILS (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) is a short comedy that captures an intense rivalry between two amateur cyclists as they eagerly try and one up each other in increasingly ridiculous ways.

Inspired by the director’s failed attempts at becoming a serious cyclist during lockdown (he has the scars to prove it) MAMILS pokes lighthearted fun at being one of those blokes with all the gear and no idea. Exploring the unspoken competitiveness within hobby sports gave Ben the license to be fun and over the top, whilst also revealing something a little more human, that no matter the brand of lycra we wear, we’re all searching for a genuine human connection.

Showing in:

New Shorts: Sketch Night

20/01/22, 19:00

Rich Mix Stage