Ben Rivers



United Kingdom

The film conjures up futuristic beings from an eerie smoke-filled landscape and the depths of the earth. The netherworld of chambers, carved out over deep time, once held remnants of lost civilisations and now foretell a future subterranean world occupied by a species evolved from our environmentally challenged world.

“This is a stunningly beautiful film to look at. Digital animation, hand processed 16mm, superimposition, solarisation: all seamlessly edited to create an abstract landscape of the solid rock faces of deep caves and the green foliage of its surrounding woods and jungle. Rivers has been screening work at LSFF since the very beginnings of the festival, with his filmic musings on English wilderness and collaborations with other LSFF regular Andrew Kötting. Since then, he’s captured landscapes across the globe, from Nagasaki to Lanzarote, but here returns to Somerset to the cinematic uncanny of the Wookey Hole Caves, evoking the ‘70s dystopias and post-human speculations of John Boorman’s Zardoz and Saul Bass's Phase IV.”
— Philip Ilson

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details (at BFI)

BFI Southbank

UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details


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