Akinola Davies

United Kingdom




An eight year old girl with an ability to sense danger gets ejected from Sunday school service. She unwittingly witnesses the underbelly in and around a Mega Church in Lagos.

“London-based, Nigeria-raised filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr. returns to the Lagos of his childhood, steering us through a deeply religious and matriarchal society through the eyes and imaginings of its protagonist: an eight year old girl with otherworldly intuition. A personal and at times autobiographical story of exploration, we discover the workings and underbelly of a mega-church as she floats unseen like a ghost through the congregation, past the dodgy money-laundering happenings in the back rooms, and into the surrounding streets before a violent reality brings her back.”
— Philip Ilson

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details

22/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: The Devil's In The Details (at BFI)

30/06/21, 17:30

BFI Southbank