Paul Nicholas Holbrook, Sam Dawe



United Kingdom

A single mother struggles to bond with her apathetic child born with an insatiable and increasingly inhumane appetite.

“Filmmakers Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe have created maybe the world’s worst ASMR video. In 22 minutes, its sound editing alone may have some spectators glued to their seats and some rushing for the nearest bucket. Playing on a Rosemary’s Baby trope of a mother’s instincts versus an unbelieving world, we watch alongside a despairing Laura as son Joe grows from wailing, needy infancy to ravenous - and deadly - adulthood. The simplicity of something so commonplace as a growing boy’s appetite taken to such grotesque extremes cinches this as the perfect horror short.”
— Sylvie Dumont

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: Close Quarters (at BFI)

BFI Southbank

UK COMPETITION: Close Quarters


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