Rafael Manuel

United Kingdom




The self-contained cosmos of the golf course reflects societal structures. Although new 'tee girl' Isabel still has to learn the rules, she's already looking for loopholes to subvert the system.

“The minimalist caricature of Roy Andersson comes to mind in this deadpan drama from 2020 Berlinale Silver Bear recipient, Manila-born filmmaker Rafael Manuel. The film uses golf etiquette and the pettiness of country club politics to foreground class and power in Philippine society as new tee-girl Isabel buffers against the strict, and often arbitrary-seeming, rules of this rich person’s playground. These frictions mirror broader class frictions, and cinematographer Xenia Patricia sets up distanced long shots, using the artifice and symmetry of the golf course for ambiguously surreal scenarios, blurring seductive aesthetic with the uglier realities of hierarchy and marginalisation.”
— Philip Ilson

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: The Double Life Of...

19/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: The Double Life Of... (at BFI)

27/06/21, 11:30

BFI Southbank