Prescient in its foreboding, Es’ debut album (Less Of Everything, Upset the Rhythm), was released in the dark days of early lockdown. Over the past few years the London quartet have coined an uncanny sound, an icy DIY punk creeping with gothic influence and nuanced intensity. Eschewing the lead guitar format, bass, keys, drum and voice interlock and spill apart. An eruption of four psyches collaborating and colliding, straddling discordance and harmony, Es makes "mutant synth-punk for our dystopian present" (Jess Skolnik, Bandcamp). "Less of Everything revels in pointed anarcho tension and sub-zero twists of almost aquatic melody, its wondrously impactful and eldritch in equal measure.” Chris Tipton, Upset The Rhythm.

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Up Yours! Post Punk & Feminism Revisited with Live Performances from Shade Ray and Es

15/01/22, 19:00