Change, Reset


Wei-Chia Wu




Change, Reset

The pandemic-born “emo rave”-categorised “Change, Reset ft. PRINCI” portrays how distressed human beings lean on their desire for intimacy and connection on chat apps, without any physical interaction. The personality-training AI chatbot app “Replika” and dating app “Tinder” specifically, became the inspiration for this music video. The First-Person point of view coupled with a “Pokémon GO”-like AR interface fills this journey with sorrow and uncertainty. As the story starts with a user (Sonia Calico) who refuses to update her AI chatbot (PRINCI), she desperately ventures to find the AI partner’s crystal avatar in limited time as the obsolete-version of the world around them starts to fall apart.

Showing in:

New Shorts: Ghosts in the Machines

22/01/22, 20:45

BFI Southbank