Mad Lazy

United Kingdom




A fly on the wall comedy drama observing a myriad of authentic London lives being led - their only common thread being their interactions with a delivery app driver, also moonlighting as a drug dealer.

“Meandering through pick-ups from West London to Brick Lane, multitalented collective Mad Lazy script, perform and direct a motley ensemble of London characters. As faces and locations change, privilege and race loom in the background, whilst each character oscillates along a binary of business-minding and scene-making - some with heads down; others teetering on the cusp of idiosyncrasy into performative nonsense. With wicked comic timing, Aphorisms is a reminder of the biting abruptness with which London can slice through a pretension.”
— Jenna Roberts

Showing in:

UK COMPETITION: Lessons In Survival

21/01/21, 19:00


UK COMPETITION: Lessons In Survival (at BFI)

29/06/21, 19:45

BFI Southbank