Industry Programme: Power Hour

Friday, 21 January 2022

21-01-22 Power Hour

The film industry can be a shadow-y and opaque place at the best of times - yet when it comes to envisioning these spaces it is arguably easier to conjure up the experience of set life than those of the in-house departments that are crucial to keeping the wheels turning. 

Furthermore, individuals from marginalised groups within the industry are more likely to be freelance due to structural failures to access and retain them in these spaces.

This panel assembles and celebrates the work of a group of high-flying POC film executives - working across development, production, sales and distribution - making major moves in-house, whilst also making more transparent for our audiences exactly what that work entails and their career journey to date.


Louise Ogunnaike (Development Executive, Sister Pictures)

Delphine Lievens (Head of Distribution, Bohemia Media)

Charlotte Cheung (International Senior Sales Manager, STX Entertainment)

Farhana Bhula   (Senior Commissioning Executive, Film4)

Host:  Angela Moneke (Senior Production Executive, Working Title / T A P E Collective)

Friday, 21 January 2022

1:30 pm