Industry Programme: Digital Criticism

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

18-01-22 Digital Criticism

Over the decades, the influence of the digital revolution that has swept our collective landscape has been widely and acutely felt - and film criticism can certainly be said to have gotten caught up in the wave in a growing need to create and engage in alternative spaces in an industry reluctant to innovate. This panel of film creatives working across TikTok, Instagram, Letterboxd, podcasts, video essays, and more will talk through the rise of alternative digital mediums in reviewing & examining films and the industry at large.


Kim Sheehan (BFI Southbank programmer)

Nicole Davis (Best Girl Grip)

Amon Warmann (Fade to Black, Empire)

Pavan Biivigou (@pbpbbpbppb TikTok)


Isra Al Kassi (Co-founder, T A P E Collective)

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

1:30 pm