The Rise of Digital Art + NFTs (featuring Beeple)

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

18-01-22 Beeple

Image: Beeple NFT, Andrea Bonaceto

Guest programmer: Elaine Wong
Screening + Panel + Live DJ Set

Short Films, Instagram Reels and DJ Loops presented as an installation screening, from internet art pioneer Beeple and London based digital artists, with a live DJ set from Emile and Electricity. The event features a panel discussion that explores the origins of digital art on the internet with artists Andrea Bonaceto, Emile Rafael, Graceland London and Maliha Abidi.

Gather round for an evening of digital installations, NFT's, and discussion as we delve into the new world of NFT art, and advancement of digital art.


Andrea Bonaceto
Andrea Bonaceto is an NFT artist and entrepreneur. As an artist, he’s focusing on programmable art and the intersection between visual art, music and poetry. He collaborated artistically with Sophia The Robot, the most 

Andrea has been involved in the blockchain and NFT space since the early days. He is among the Founding Partners at Eterna Capital, a leading investment firm focused on blockchain technology. In addition, Andrea is the Co-Founder of AoRisT, a next generation cultural institution supporting a climate-forward NFT marketplace for artists creating at the edge of art and technology advanced AI humanoid robot in the world, and with Corriere Della Sera, the largest Italian newspaper. His work has been featured in mainstream media and exhibitions worldwide.

Emile Rafael
Emile is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and musician. His work has been featured in Dazed and NOWNESS, with awards from D&AD, Kinsale Shark and Danish Grammy. Emile and Electricity is a music project of Emile.

Graceland London
Born in London, England, Grace studied Fine Art and History of Art at Hampstead Fine Arts, London gaining a Bachelor's degree at Greenwich University in 3D Digital Design and Animation which influences the technical side of her artwork. Grace is best known as Graceland London using brave, bold use of colour in her vibrant illustrations and paintings which depict the darker side of human nature and consumption. Her art visualizes self obsession and displays self questioning quotes.

Maliha Abidi
Maliha Abidi is a Pakistani-American artist, author and a Neuroscience student. She was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and migrated to California, United States at the age of 14. As an immigrant, her experiences play a huge role in her work. Her work mainly focuses on women’s rights (girls’ education, banning child marriage, domestic violence),  mental health, anti-racism,  travel/culture and shining a light on societal issues.


Elaine Wong
Elaine is a Short Film Programmer for BFI London Film Festival, and digital curator across film, art and tech. She works as Content Partnerships Manager for Viveport, a global app store platform for VR apps and games, focusing on next-generation interactive entertainment and immersive worlds. She has a passion for content across numerous formats and technologies from the past, present and future.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

7:00 pm